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What's Causing Your High Cholesterol?

Tuesday May 27, 2014

So, you've gone to your doctor to have a follow-up visit regarding your high cholesterol. He or she may have told you about some of the health complications that could arise if you ignored your cholesterol. Your healthcare provider may have also given you a diet to follow that would help you in your quest for lowered cholesterol levels.

But your cholesterol is still high.

You've added a little walking to your daily routine, and have even cut out eating your favorite potato chips from the snack machine. So, what else could be causing your cholesterol levels to be so high? There are several factors that could cause your cholesterol not to budge - including your genes and certain factors in your everyday living. This article will help you to determine if there is anything else you could be doing to help lower your cholesterol - and how to go about doing it.

Can You Eat Cheese on a Cholesterol-Lowering Diet?

Monday May 26, 2014

Watching your cholesterol and fat intake can be tough -- especially if you're a cheese lover. Cheese is chock-full of calcium, but it can also introduce additional fat into your cholesterol-lowering diet. The good news is that cheese is not necessarily off-limits when you're following a diet to help lower your cholesterol. This article will show you which cheeses are lowest in cholesterol and fat.

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Including Superfoods in Your Cholesterol-Lowering Diet

Sunday May 25, 2014


Superfoods have generated a lot of publicity lately -- and not only because they are chock-full of nutrients. These healthy foods also contain ingredients that have been shown to help your heart health by keeping your cholesterol levels in check. This article will show you the top superfoods you should be including in your diet and why they are considered cholesterol-friendly.

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Keeping Your Cholesterol Healthy in the Workplace

Friday May 23, 2014


Working through lunch, stress, continuous meetings...if some of these words conjure up memories of your workplace, it could be affecting how you stay on your cholesterol-lowering diet. Although your workplace may not allow you to get away for a couple of hours for a home-cooked, healthy meal or an hour's worth of exercise at a nearby gym, there are ways you can sneak in heart-healthy habits into the workplace. Try these healthy tips that will keep you on track -- and your cholesterol levels healthy.

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Can Amaranth Keep Your Cholesterol Levels Healthy?

Wednesday May 21, 2014


Amaranth appears to be gaining notoriety as a delicious whole grain that is chock-full of fiber and nutrients, but did you know that this healthy grain may be able to help you keep your cholesterol levels healthy? Studies have examined the cholesterol-lowering properties of amaranth and the results appear to be promising so far. This article will show you how the studies stack up as well as some tasty ways to include amaranth in your heart healthy diet.

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Healthy Tips: Including Oatmeal in Your Cholesterol-Lowering Diet

Tuesday May 20, 2014

You have always heard that oatmeal was good for you, and there is now good evidence that suggests that consuming this filling grain has many heart-healthy benefits -- including lowering your cholesterol levels. Although oatmeal is commonly thought of as a breakfast staple, this delicious, high-fiber food can be incorporated in many types of dishes - whether you are looking for a quick bite to eat in the middle of the day or are in need of a filling soup for dinner. This article wil show you ways to include oatmeal in your cholesterol-lowering diet.

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Ways to Include Indian Cuisine in Your Low-Fat Diet

Sunday May 18, 2014

With the opening of more restaurants and availability of good recipes, Indian cuisine has become a go-to food when you are looking for ideas for delicious and healthy meals. Not only is Indian food chock-full of whole grains and vegetables, it also includes a variety of spices - some of which have been shown to help lower cholesterol levels in some studies. Unfortunately, Indian cuisine also includes some foods that could be a source of added fat to your diet if you are watching your cholesterol and fat intake. This article will show you which foods to enjoy - as well as the pitfalls to avoid - when including Indian-inspired foods in your cholesterol-lowering diet.

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Healthy Tips: Including More Fiber in Your Cooking

Sunday May 11, 2014


Whether you are seeing the commercials on TV or watching the news, you have likely heard about the health benefits of including fiber in your diet. Studies have shown that including soluble fiber in your healthy diet can help you to keep your cholesterol levels healthy. Sometimes, however, including fiber in your meals is easier said than done. These helpful tips will show you how to include fiber in your meal preparation.

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Ways to Make Your Grilled Low-Fat Foods Delicious

Monday April 28, 2014


Swimming, gardening, camping...those are just a few of the fun ways you can enjoy the warmer weather. Grilling is another summer activity where everyone gets to enjoy the results: delicious food. The grill can be an excellent, outdoor kitchen tool for your healthy meals -- even if you are watching your cholesterol levels. If you're looking for some tasty, heart-healthy grilling tips -- as well as recipes -- then check out this article.

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Is Dining in Fast Food Restaurants Forbidden on a Low Fat-Diet?

Monday April 28, 2014


You've been diligently making your lunches and preparing delicious -- and healthy -- meals for you and your family, and then it happens: you forget your lunch at home. Or, you might find yourself out with friends, grabbing a quick bite to eat. Fast food restaurants are on practically every corner of the street, and are very convenient during those times when there is no time to cook. But should you go to one if you are trying to watch your cholesterol? This article will tell you how to make healthier selections if you find yourself eating out at a fast food restaurant.

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