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Cholesterol Lowering Drugs and Treatments - About.com
If you have high cholesterol, cholesterol lowering drugs and treatments can help you reduce your lipids and reduce your risk of heart disease.
Medications That Lower Cholesterol - About.com
Have you been diagnosed with high cholesterol and looking medications to lower it? This is the place to be! First, your health care provider may want to you ...
Should You Stop Medications To Lower Your Cholesterol
If you stop medications that lower your cholesterol, you could be faced with more than just high cholesterol levels. You could face heart disease and health ...
Non-prescription cholesterol lowering - Heart Disease - About.com
Lowering cholesterol levels can sometimes be achieved both safely and effectively without the use of prescription drugs.
Cholesterol medications may be prescribed by your physician to ...
When diet and exercise alone are not able to treat high cholesterol levels, your doctor might write you a prescription for cholesterol medication. These drugs ...
Can Certain Diseases or Drugs Cause High Cholesterol?
Some people think that only a high fat diet can cause high cholesterol when, in reality, certain drugs and diseases can cause it, too.
Cholesterol Drugs - Cholesterol Drugs and Treatments
If you have high cholesterol, your doctor may place you on cholesterol drugs. In addition to cholesterol drugs, there also other treatments that can help lower ...
Deciding On the Best Cholesterol Treatment
Nov 2, 2010 ... If you have high cholesterol, your doctor will probably base your treatment on the NHLBI guidelines published in November, 2013.
Treatment Options for High Cholesterol - About.com
Nov 10, 2006 ... If you have been diagnosed with high cholesterol, there are many treatment options for you. At first, your health care practitioner may want to try ...
Treatments For Lowering Cholesterol - Heart Disease - About.com
Nov 2, 2010 ... Treatment for lowering cholesterol levels falls into three main categories: lifestyle changes, prescription medication, and non-prescription ...
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