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Cholesterol Tests and Symptoms


Cholesterol tests are widely available and measure many aspects of your lipid profile. Performed in a doctor's office, health fair, or at home, there are many types of cholesterol tests that can measure just total cholesterol levels -- or all aspects of your lipid profile. People with high cholesterol usually do not have symptoms, so cholesterol testing can be a valuable tool in the prevention against heart disease.
  1. High Cholesterol Symptoms and Risk Factors
  2. Cholesterol Testing

High Cholesterol Symptoms and Risk Factors

Despite the potentially deadly problems associated with high cholesterol, many people don't know that they have or should be concerned about high cholesterol until they've been tested. Knowing your risk factors, as well as your cholesterol numbers, will help you protect yourself from heart disease in the future.

Cholesterol Testing

High cholesterol is diagnosed through a blood test. This test, otherwise known as a lipid panel, can be performed in your health care provider's office, at a health fair, or even at home. Once you know your numbers, you will be able to more clearly assess your risk for heart disease and devise a plan to get your cholesterol to a healthy level.

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