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Beans & Other Legumes

Beans have been toted for having many healthy benefits -- including lowering your cholesterol levels. Whether you put them in a soup or as a small side item, beans can be a delicious addition to your cholesterol-lowering diet.

Ways to Include Beans in Your Cholesterol-Lowering Diet
Beans are chock-full of nutrients and fiber, making them an important food to include in your cholesterol-lowering diet. This article will show you how to include beans in your everyday meals.

High Soluble Fiber Foods: Bean Recipes
If you are looking for ways to add more soluble fiber recipes to your cholesterol-lowering diet, these bean recipes are just what you need. Whether it you add them to chili, soup or stews, these heart-healthy recipes will be a hit with your taste buds.

Chickpeas: Can They Lower Your Cholesterol?
Although studies are limited, they reveal that chickpeas may help lower your cholesterol levels.

Five Healthy Ideas: Ways to Include Chickpeas
Looking to include chickpeas into your cholesterol-lowering diet? This article includes five, delicious ways to prepare chickpeas. With these tips, adding this healthy ingredient to your meals will never be boring.

Healthy Bean Recipes for Your Low-Cholesterol Diet
Beans can be a hearty addition to any healthy diet. This article contains cholesterol-friendly bean recipes, with an emphasis on ideas for soups and salads.

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