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Low-Cholesterol Christmas Drinks and Desserts


Updated November 24, 2010

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Looking for low-cholesterol Christmas food? These drink and dessert recipes are high in flavor, but low in cholesterol, saturated fats, and calories. Spread some holiday cheer and show your guests you care about their health by serving these delicious drinks and desserts at your low-cholesterol Christmas party feast!


Try this tasty Low-Fat Eggnog or this Vegan Eggnog for a heart-healthy beverage. Chose modest sized serving cups to help guests (and yourself!) control calories.

Mulled Wine* is an aromatic holiday tradition, and is completely cholesterol-free.


Create your very own holiday Fruit Platter. Surround a center of strawberries with a ring of honeydew melon and a third layer of assorted fruit (your choice) for a special holiday touch.

Sugar Cookies (Tip: use holiday design cookie cutters)

Low-Fat Chocolate Chip Cookies

Low-Fat Brownies (Tip: sprinkle with crushed candy canes to add a holiday touch).

Cocoa Banana Bread

Read More: Vegan Desserts Vegan foods are almost always 100% cholesterol-free. Even if you are a devotee of meat and dairy, you can improve the nutritional quality and lower the cholesterol level of your diet by selecting vegetarian and vegan foods more often.

Tip: Prepare double batches of low-cholesterol desserts and use as holiday or hostess gifts in a colorful baking tin or gift bag.

*Remember to check with your doctor to see if alcohol is permitted on your diet.

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