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Low-Cholesterol Living: How to Be a Healthy Valentine

Five Tips for Being a Healthy Valentine if Someone Has High Cholesterol


Updated January 03, 2011

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Want to be a healthy Valentine because you or your partner has high cholesterol? It can be difficult when chocolates and decadent meals are the norm, but it can be done with some simple planning ahead and willpower. Follow these tips for how to be a heart-healthy Valentine.

1. Bypass the Milk Instead of milk chocolates, buy your loved one a box of dark chocolates. Dark chocolate may be beneficial in lowering LDL "bad" cholesterol. Milk chocolate has not shown this effect.

2. Spice Things Up Research suggests the spice turmeric may also be beneficial for lowering LDL "bad" cholesterol. Why not try turmeric with chicken or turkey, or rice for your Valentine's Day meal?

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3. Go Red Surprise your sweetheart with an assortment of fresh berries. Alternate strawberries, raspberries, and light whipped cream for a colorful, healthy dessert. Garnish with several sprigs of fresh mint.

4. Wine and Dine A 3.5 ounce glass of wine (providing it is permitted by your doctor and does not conflict with your medications) is a romantic accompaniment to your Valentine's Day meal. Even better, an average of one glass of wine daily may increase your HDL "good" cholesterol .

5. Focus on What's Important Remember that the purpose of Valentine's Day is not to stuff your loved one with as many sweets as possible. Load up on flowers, balloons, and stuffed animals to show you care, and keep the desserts to a minimum.

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