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Lunch Salads Containing Phytosterols

Lunch Ideas for Cholesterol-Friendly Diets


Updated May 29, 2012

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Looking for new cholesterol-friendly foods? Phytosterols are a class of plant nutrient, that shows promise in lowering LDL "bad" cholesterol. They are found most often in nuts, fruits, vegetables, and fortified foods such as butter-like spreads and dairy products. One of the easiest ways to add phytosterols to your cholesterol-lowering diet plan is by adding nuts to your salad.

Almonds (187 mg per 100 g serving)This Sugared Almond Salad is a perfect menu item for an office potluck or Sunday brunch. It's tasty, presents well, and is nutrient-rich.

Pecans (150 mg per 100 g serving) A Pecan Mandarin Salad combines tangy and savory flavors for a satisfying, heart-healthy lunch meal.

Peanuts (65 mg in 1 ounce) spice up your normal lunch routine with a zesty Thai Style Chicken Salad.

Sunflowers (152 mg per 1 ounce) Sunflowers aren't just for snacking. This Lettuce Sunflower Seed Salad is a great example of how sunflowers can add crunch and flavor as a salad topping.

Tip: Substitute the salad dressing suggested with a simple olive oil and vinegar dressing.

Walnuts (113 mg per 100 g serving) Get both a phytosterol and an omega-3 fat boost with this Tuna Walnut Salad. (Both tuna and walnuts contain heart-healthy omega-3 fat).


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