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Ways You Can Keep Your Cholesterol Healthy in the Workplace


Updated December 19, 2012

Ways You Can Keep Your Cholesterol Healthy in the Workplace

These healthy tips will help keep your cholesterol levels in check while at work.

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Many times, it is easier to maintain your heart-healthy lifestyle at home. You can control which foods to put into your pantry. You can also sneak in a little exercise between your favorite programs or outside while playing with your kids. However, when at work, sometimes our healthy lifestyle can be neglected. Depending upon your job, deadlines and demand can sometimes turn a one-hour long lunch break into 15-minute grab-and-go snack, or cause a vicious cycle of sitting or standing in place all day with little movement – both of which can be unhealthy for your cholesterol. If you are looking for healthy ways to maintain your cholesterol-lowering lifestyle while you are at the workplace, try these simple tips:

Always pack your lunch.

Preparing ahead is always good, and your work meals are no different. By making your lunches ahead of time, you are ensuring that you have a healthy meal on-hand – especially if you are crunched for time and find yourself resorting to the snack machine or a nearby fast food restaurant to obtain your food every day. Don’t forget to anticipate for snacks by packing fruits, vegetables, or nuts – all of which can help keep your cholesterol levels healthy.

More on Selecting Healthy, Cholesterol-Friendly Foods

Move around.

Studies have shown that exercise can play an important role in heart health – including keeping your cholesterol levels healthy. Getting exercise is especially important if you have a job position where you are behind a desk or counter all day. There are many ways you can creatively sneak in a little exercise throughout your day, whether it is walking extra steps to run your errands, avoiding the elevator and taking the stairs, or devoting part of your lunch to take a brief power-walk around the outside of your workplace.

Creative Ways to Sneak Exercise into Your Day

If you regularly hold meetings, make it informal and convert it into a meeting that involves walking and discussing important issues at the same time. Not only will you sneak in exercise, you -- and your group – will become more energized. When you have moments of downtime or on your breaks, try a few of these simple exercise tips that are cholesterol-friendly :

How to Exercise and Stay Fit at Work

Get your co-workers involved.

More than likely, you are not the only one concerned about their cholesterol or overall health. By involving the people you work with everyday, you can create a support network that will help keep you on track with your cholesterol-lowering lifestyle – and hold you accountable for times when you slip. To get motivated about getting more exercise in your day, walk or jog with one of your co-workers – whether it is around the block or down the stairs. If you find yourself getting bored with your cholesterol-lowering diet, host a heart-healthy potluck where everyone brings a dish. Because work can sometimes be stressful, involving a co-worker can also provide extra physical and emotional support, both of which can offset unhealthy effects that stress can have on your cholesterol -- and overall health.

How Using a Friend Helps Lower Your Cholesterol

If you are an employer, consider hosting or participation in a health fair for your employees that includes cholesterol screenings.

Maintaining your cholesterol-lowering lifestyle may seem a little bit difficult at first. However, with these simple tips and a little bit of planning ahead, maintaining your cholesterol levels – and heart health – will be easier.

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