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Low-Cholesterol Thai Food Meal Plan

One Day of Delicious, Low-Cholesterol Thai Meals on 1,350 Calories


Updated August 04, 2010

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Thai food can -- and cannot -- be cholesterol diet-friendly. It all comes down to making the right choices. Thai cuisine typically includes an assortment of fresh vegetables, hot spices, hearty curries, and delicious tropical flavorings. Focusing on fruits and vegetables, sautéed or stir-fried lean meats and seafood, rather than fried dishes, makes Thai food a healthful, delectable addition to your cholesterol-friendly diet.

This menu provides a day's worth of "good" monounsaturated fat, high-fiber, and antioxidant-rich dishes.

This meal plan provides 1,350 calories for the day. Remember that your dietary requirements may be higher or lower than 1,350 calories depending on your weight, age, and activity level.


1 cup coffee or tea with 2 ounces skim milk

1 serving (1/3 recipe) Coconut Pancake (use light coconut milk instead of regular, egg substitute, and light plant stenol spread such as Benecol Light)

Tip: Nutrition information does not include oil for frying or syrup, but if preparing syrup, try light coconut milk and sugar-free syrup as substitutes.


Beverage: Your choice sugar-free beverage, 8oz.

2 Thai Style Spring Rolls

(1/2 of recipe ) 1 Thai Green Papaya Salad (use low-sodium soy sauce and halve the amount of fish sauce you use)


¼ recipe Roasted Green Peas


1 serving Thai Chicken Curry

Beverage: 1 cup (8oz) sugar-free iced tea


1 cup fresh diced mango

Tip: *These dishes can be made even more heart healthy by using a non-salt substitute.

Nutrition Information Total For The Day: 1,350 Calories, 580 Calories from Fat, Total Fat 64.7 g (sat 12.37g), Cholesterol 49.8 mg, Sodium 2,089 mg*, Carbohydrate 110.9 g, Fiber 14.4 g, Protein 58.4 g

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