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Cheese & Your Low Cholesterol Diet


If you’re a cheese lover who has been recently been diagnosed with high cholesterol, you may be familiar with the pain of having to minimize – or cut out – your cheesy favorites from your diet. The good news is that you can have your cheese and eat it too if you have high cholesterol.

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Ways to Enjoy Greek Cuisine on a Cholesterol-Lowering Diet

Greek-inspired meals are low in fat - making them a perfect addition to your cholesterol-lowering diet.

Keeping Your Cholesterol Healthy During the 4th of July Festivities

Independence Day, or Fourth of July, is an important American holiday marked with gatherings with family and friends. This article will show you how to enjoy the food-filled festivities while watching your cholesterol.

Eating Out at a Buffet While Watching Your Cholesterol

Although buffet-style restaurants offer many food choices, they can sometimes be overwhelming if you are watching your cholesterol. This article will how you how to select healthy foods at a buffet.

Tips for Following a Vegetarian Diet when Watching Your Cholesterol

Thinking of making some changes to your cholesterol-lowering diet? If so, a vegetarian diet is the way to go. This article will share some easy tips to make your vegetarian diet delicious - and cholesterol-friendly.

Mediterranean Diet Tips for Your Cholesterol-Lowering Diet

The Mediterranean diet has garnered a reputation for being cholesterol-friendly. This guide will show you ways to incorporate these foods into your cholesterol lowering diet.

Healthy Picnic Tips for Your Cholesterol-Lowering Diet

Picnics are an excellent way to enjoy terrific weather and good food. This article will show you how to plan low-fat foods for your picnic if you are following a cholesterol-lowering diet.

Ways to Enjoy Nordic Cuisine on a Cholesterol-Lowering Diet

Nordic cuisine is chock-full of many delicious and healthy foods. Although the foods contained in this diet are heart-healthy, there are some ingredients that could raise your cholesterol.

Ways to Make Your Grilled Low-Fat Foods Delicious

Swimming, gardening, camping...those are just a few of the fun ways you can enjoy the warmer weather. Grilling is another summer activity where everyone

Is Dining in Fast Food Restaurants Forbidden on a Low Fat-Diet?

You've been diligently making your lunches and preparing delicious -- and healthy -- meals for you and your family, and then it happens: you forget your

Including Exercise in Your Cholesterol-Lowering Plan

While many of us start with the good intentions of adding - and keeping - exercise into our daily routines, we eventually find out that time may be a big factor

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