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For many people, following a healthy diet regimen can control high cholesterol -- and lower your risk for heart disease.
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Foods To Eat On a Low Fat Diet
If you've just been diagnosed with high cholesterol - or are looking for ways to prevent high cholesterol - a low fat diet may be able to help. In fact, your healthcare provider may request that you try following a low fat diet before the decision to place you on cholesterol-lowering medication is made. A low fat diet is not only helps to lower your cholesterol - it is also good to your heart an…

Which Foods Can I Consume on a Low Cholesterol Diet?
There are many foods that you can eat while following a low cholesterol, low fat diet. Some foods, in fact, can even help you to lower cholesterol levels even more.

Which Foods Should I Avoid on a Low Cholesterol Diet?
Although there are many foods that you can eat while following a low fat, low cholesterol diet, there are some foods that can ruin your perfect cholesterol levels.

Selecting the Right Snacks on a Low Fat Diet
Regardless to whether you are eating a snack or a full course meal, every morsel counts when you are watching your cholesterol intake.

Following a Cholesterol-Lowering Diet on a Budget
Just because you’re strapped for cash, it doesn’t mean that your cholesterol-lowering diet has to suffer.

How Much Cholesterol Do I Need To Consume Each Day?
Although high cholesterol can be a precursor to heart disease, it is important in many other functions in the body, such as serving as a hormone precursor, making our cells strong, and providing the insulation around nerves known as the myelin sheath. The National Cholesterol Education Program recommends that no more than 200 mg of cholesterol be consumed each day.

Eating Healthy While on the Go
Eating healthy to lower your cholesterol -- even when you are extremely busy -- is possible with a few easy tips.

How To Make Your Kitchen Heart Healthy While Following a Low Fat Diet
Following a low-fat diet is an important part of lowering your cholesterol. The first thing you should do, however, is give your kitchen a heart-healthy makeover. Here's how.

Shopping Low-Fat at the Grocery Store
Grocery shopping does not have to be a chore -- especially if you are following a cholesterol-lowering diet. There are many delicious foods out there that are healthy and taste great. Take the guesswork out of looking for healthy foods when shopping for groceries.

How To Distinguish Between Low and High Cholesterol Foods
You know may know that some foods are automatically high in cholesterol and fat, such as fried meats and pastries. Some foods, on the other hand, aren't so easy to figure out. If you're confused as to whether or not your favorite foods are low in cholesterol and fat, this article will help you.

Top Superfoods for Lowering Cholesterol
Superfoods...you've probably heard about them, but did you know that these foods are cholesterol-friendly, too? This article will tell you which foods are classified as superfoods and healthy ways to prepare these foods.

Diet to Reduce High Cholesterol
So you've decided to follow a cholesterol-lowering diet, but don't know where to begin. You are at the right place. This article will tell you the basic things you need to do to start a diet to lower your cholesterol.

Superfoods! Diet Suggestions from Top Dietitians
In this article, several of America's top nutrition experts provide consumers with helpful superfood diet tips for those who want to lower their cholesterol.

Inflammation & Cholesterol: Foods that Fight Inflammation
This article details anti-inflammatory foods. Dietitian experts Melinda Cecil, Jessica Butcher, and Beth Ellen DiLuglio.

Healthy Sandwich Tips for Your Cholesterol-Lowering Diet
The sandwich is the classic lunch or dinnertime dish. If you are following a cholesterol-lowering diet, this article will show you how to make a healthy sandwich that is high on taste - and low on fat.

First Steps: Beginning a Low-Cholesterol Diet

First Steps: One Change to Start A Low-Cholesterol Diet
This article asks nutrition experts what they would do if they could only make one change to start a low-cholesterol diet. Carol Ireton-Jones, Susan Dopart, Karen Graham and Jan Patenaude are featured.

Low-Cholesterol, Heart-Healthy Thanksgiving
Having high cholesterol and needing to follow a cholesterol-lowering diet doesn't mean that you have to spend Thanksgiving salivating over others' meals. Here, 7 steps for a heart-healthy Thanksgiving that won't throw your cholesterol-lowering efforts out the window.

A Low-Cholesterol Food List for Your New Diet
Needing a little help with picking out the right foods to eat? This low cholesterol food list help you to take the guess work out of grocery shopping for low-cholesterol meal planning.

Foods High in Omega-3 - Lesser Known Foods High in Omega-3
Who said that you had to eat fatty fish to obtain omega-3 fats in your diet? Here are some other, healthy sources of omega-3 fatty acids.

Low-Cholesterol Cookbook Picks
If you're clueless when it comes to cooking, a good cookbook can come in handy to help you to create delicious dishes. Try these cookbooks to make low-fat, heart-healthy foods.

When Something Is Labeled “Reduced Saturated Fat,” What Does That ...
Reduced saturated fat, low in saturated fat...although these nutrient claims sound like your food does not have saturated fat in it, they do have specific meanings.

How to Start a Low-Cholesterol Diet
In this article, top nutrition experts provide practical advice for patients beginning a low-cholesterol diet.

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