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Foods To Eat On a Low-Fat Diet


Updated August 31, 2013

If you've just been diagnosed with high cholesterol -- or are looking for ways to prevent high cholesterol -- a low-fat diet may be able to help. In fact, your healthcare provider may request that you try following a low-fat diet before the decision to place you on cholesterol-lowering medication is made. A low-fat diet is not only helps to lower your cholesterol -- it is also good to your heart and your waistline.

The Basics of a Low-Fat, Low Cholesterol Diet

Following a low-fat diet isn't difficult especially with the variety of delicious foods available to you. But you need to know some things about starting a low-fat diet. Although there are many foods that you can eat plenty of, there are some foods that you need to stay away from -- or eat as little as possible. Any basic meal plan will do, as long as you follow a few of these simple tips.

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How Much Cholesterol Do I Need Each Day?

Surprisingly, our bodies make the majority of the cholesterol needed to carry out important biological functions. However, consuming too much cholesterol in your diet could cause your cholesterol levels to be high. So, how much do we need each day? A recommended amount of cholesterol is allowed each day, and eating more than the recommended amount could raise your cholesterol.

Saturated Fats, Trans Fats...What Do They All Mean?

Reading the back of food labels can sometimes seem like you are reading a foreign language -- especially when it comes to the types of fats listed. Some fats are bad for you and can raise your cholesterol levels. But some fats can actually be good for you and are considered heart healthy. Knowing which fats to consume -- and which you need to stay away from -- can help you on the road to a healthier heart and better cholesterol levels.
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Which Low-Fat Diets Are the Most Effetive in Lowering Cholesterol?

Pritkin diet, vegetarian diet...a lot of diets are out there to help you lower your cholesterol levels, but which ones actually work? They are useful if you are needing a little bit of help finding a diet plan to follow. Knowing what each of these low-fat diets consists of may help you select the right meal plan for you.
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How To Manage Your Cholesterol When You Are Eating Out

Eating low-fat at home can be pretty easy. You have your meal plan and the foods that you know don't have a lot of fat in them. But when you go out, following a low-fat diet can be difficult. Some foods may have hidden fat in them. And other foods that may state that they are fat-free, but still may have fat in them. Knowing which foods to select will help keep you on the right track with your low-fat diet when you are out and about. 
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Stocking Low Fat Foods In Your Pantry

Stocking your pantry with the right foods can almost guarantee you on the road to sticking to a low-fat diet and a healthy heart. Some low-fat foods are just good for maintaining low-cholesterol levels. However other foods can actually help lower your cholesterol levels slightly. Having a few of these low-fat foods around could help reduce temptation to eat junk foods when you feel that there is nothing to eat in the house.

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