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There are several classifications of cholesterol diseases. These mainly depend upon whether your blood fat levels are high or low and which type of blood fat level in not normal (for instance: triglycerides, high density lipoprotein, etc). Knowing which disease category you fit into will help you to understand what is abnormal and which treatment options are available to you.
  1. Diabetes (7)
  2. Heart Disease (12)
  3. High Lipid Diseases (5)
  4. Low Lipid Diseases (7)

What Is Ischemia?
High cholesterol levels can contribute to the formation of plaques on the inner walls of arteries, producing ischemia.

What Is Peripheral Arterial Disease?
Peripheral arterial disease is a chronic condition caused by atherosclerosis that most commonly affects the limbs of the body.

Familial Hypobetalipoproteinemia: A Disorder of Low Cholesterol Levels
Familal hypobetalipoproteinemia is a low cholesterol disease that may asymptomatic, or cause health problems.

Children and High Cholesterol
When you think of someone with high cholesterol, who do you envision? Probably an older adult. Unfortunately, with the surge of obesity in this country, there is another growing population of individuals being diagnosed with high cholesterol: children. There are many factors that could contribute to this, including living a sedentary lifestyle, having a poor diet, and having a parent with high ch…

What Is a Fatty Streak?
A fatty streak refers to the beginnings of atherosclerosis on the inner surface of the arteries.

Familial Hypercholesterolemia
Familial hypercholesterolemia is a condition that is characterized by very high cholesterol levels and heart disease at an early age. This article will talk about this condition, who is at risk of having this condition, and how it is treated.

Cholesterol Test May Predict Risk Of Heart Disease When Taking HRT
A cholesterol test may predict the risk of heart disease in post-menopausal women taking hormone replacement therapy. In this study, C-reactive protein and cholesterol ratio were tested. It was found that the higher the cholesterol ratio, the more likely a coronary event would occur.

Lowering Cholesterol Could also Mean Lowered PSA Levels
High cholesterol is not only linked to heart disease, it can also elevate PSA levels. Lower cholesterol levels could mean a healthy prostate and a healthy heart.

Addressing High Cholesterol Levels Now May Reduce The Risk Of Alzheimer's Later
There is new evidence that suggests that high cholesterol levels during mid-life may lead to Alzheimers disease later on in life. High cholesterol levels are already a well-established risk factor of heart disease, but can it also be a risk factor of Alzheimers disease, too?

Differences In Genes Associated With Cholesterol May Help Predict Heart Disease
Is high cholesterol genetic? In some cases, it could be. Scientists have found mutations that may find the causes of high cholesterol. Screening for unfavorable single nucleotide polymorphisms, or SNPs, in genes related to high cholesterol and heart disease may help to predict heart disease risk.

New Mutations May Provide Clue In Causes Of High LDL Cholesterol
Is high cholesterol genetic? In some cases, it could be. For instance, familial hypercholesterolemia is a genetic disease linking high cholesterol and heart disease. In fact, some inherited cholesterol diseases are the most common causes of heart disease in very early age. Scientists have found mutations that may find the causes of high LDL cholesterol.

Gene That Promotes A Long Life May Hold The Key To Lowering Cholesterol
The gene SIRT1, which promotes long life, may also be able to lower cholesterol and play an important role in maintaining normal cholesterol levels. SIRT1 may prevent cholesterol buildup in vessels and cells, which can cause hardening of the arteries and heart disease.

High Triglycerides and Your Stroke Risk
High cholesterol levels can increase your risk of heart disease - including strokes - if not addressed. But what about high triglyceride levels?

Could Your High Cholesterol Be Making You Forgetful?
High cholesterol levels are known for contributing to heart disease, but new information is surfacing that high cholesterol could be responsible for other health conditions - including memory loss.

Premature Births May Be Tied To Moms With Low Cholesterol
A study performed at the National Human Genome Research Institute recently reported that pregnant women with low cholesterol levels might be at a higher risk for delivering their babies prematurely.

High Cholesterol and Your Stroke Risk
Having high cholesterol places you at risk for having heart disease. It can also place you at risk for having a stroke.

Cholesterol and Your Thyroid
The thyroid is a small gland located in the neck. While little, this gland could have a major impact on your cholesterol levels if something happens to it.

The Dangers of High Cholesterol If You Have Diabetes
While having high cholesterol can be dangerous, having high cholesterol and uncontrolled diabetes can be a recipe for disaster in terms of heart health. High cholesterol is very common in diabetics. If you are diabetic, this article will address your heart disease risk and tell you what you can do to help lower your cholesterol.

Effects of Recurrent Stress on Cholesterol
Rapid heart rate, sweaty palms, that feeling of anxiety...all of these feelings are common with stress. However, recurrent stress can also affect your cholesterol.

Cancer and Cholesterol - How to Eat if You Have Cancer and High Cholesterol
Information on eating heathy if you have cancer and have also been diagnosed with high cholesterol.

Advice for Parents: Low Cholesterol Tips for Children
Concerned about your child's cholesterol and having trouble getting him or her to eat healthy foods? If so, clinical nutrition manager, Patricia Guay-Berry, offers some helpful tips.

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