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Exercise and Your Cholesterol

Exercise is one of your best weapons against high cholesterol and heart disease. Regularly exercising -- whether in the gym or in the comfort of your own home -- can help keep your cholesterol levels in check, as well as lower your risk for other conditions that could contribute to the development of heart disease.

The Basics: How Exercise Can Help Improve Cholesterol Levels
Exercise is an inexpensive prescription for many chronic medical conditions. Although weight loss and strong muscles are just a couple of things that getting regular exercise can do, it can also help keep your cholesterol levels healthy.

How Does Exercise Lower Your Cholesterol?
Although scientists know that regular exercise affects all aspects of your cholesterol profile, there aren't many studies examining how exercise actually does it. However, current research shows that exercise lowers cholesterol in a number of ways.

Why Exercise Should Be an Important Part of Your Cholesterol-Lowering Plan
Healthy diet, smoking cessation...these are all healthy ways to keep your cholesterol levels healthy. However, exercise should also be an important part of your cholesterol-lowering plan. Find out what exercise can do for your cholesterol levels and heart health, and how much you need to see results.

Which Types of Exercises Lower Cholesterol?
No matter how you slice it, any type of movement that gets you away from your couch is best for your overall health. Although there are many types of exercises that can get your cholesterol levels within a healthy range, some exercises may work better than others.

How Many Hours of Exercise Do You Need to Lower Your Cholesterol?
Although there are many healthy benefits to daily exercise, the hardest part is fitting it into your already jam-packed day. Find out how much exercise you should get each day, and ways you can creatively schedule this time in your daily planner.

Easy Ways to Fit Exercise Into Your Day
An exercise routine can be an important part of any cholesterol-lowering program. However, you must have time dedicated to exercising everyday in order to see some results. These good tips will help show you how you can fit exercise into your busiest of days.

Do Low Impact Exercises Lower Cholesterol?
Good news for those of you that have a difficult time performing aerobic or other high-intensity exercises: low impact exercises are also effective in lowering your cholesterol. Find out which ones are most effective and how often they need to be done in order to see the cholesterol-lowering benefits.

Simple Steps to Constructing Your Own Cholesterol-Lowering Exercise Program
Thinking about using exercise to help lower your cholesterol? If so, why not start with a plan for your personal exercise program. Starting your own exercise routine is easy, especially if you follow these simple steps.

Beginning an Exercise Program When You Already Have Heart Disease
Exercise is an important part of any cholesterol-lowering regimen, but what happens if you already have heart disease? Although it's not as easy to begin an exercise program with heart disease, it can be done. Here are a few tips to help you on the right track.

Ways to Stick to Your Exercise Plan During the Winter
Being cold outside isn't an excuse to slack off on exercising during the winter months. These helpful ways to get exercise during this time will help you to maintain your cholesterol-lowering exercise plan during the colder months of the year.

Lowering Your Cholesterol with Exercise: Everything You Need to Know
Exercise has an excellent reputation in keeping the pounds off and certain chronic conditions in check. However, there are many studies that also demonstrate the positive effect exercise has on cholesterol levels. Here, you will find everything you need to know about how exercise can help keep your cholesterol levels -- and your heart -- healthy.

Can Tai Chi Lower Cholesterol Levels?
There is evidence from studies that suggest Tai Chi can be beneficial for your cholesterol levels -- and your heart.

Can Yoga Help Keep Your Cholesterol Levels Healthy?
For centuries, yoga has been known for its health benefits. Studies also suggest that yoga may be used to help keep your cholesterol levels healthy.

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