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How Many Hours of Exercise Do You Need to Lower Your Cholesterol?

Fitting Exercise Into Your Day Can Benefit Your Cholesterol


Updated September 22, 2011

How Many Hours of Exercise Do You Need to Lower Your Cholesterol?

Many types of exercise can lower cholesterol.

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Studies have shown the positive effects that cholesterol has on your cholesterol, however finding the time to exercise is probably the biggest obstacle we face.

Exercise is an important tool in lowering your cholesterol – it lowers LDL cholesterol levels (“bad” cholesterol) and raises HDL cholesterol levels (“good” cholesterol). But if you're having trouble fitting exercise into your busy day, you may have trouble reaping the healthy benefits that exercising has on all aspects of your health -- including your cholesterol. The good news is that if you are having difficulty fitting exercise into your busy lifestyle, you can divide up your exercise time and incorporate it throughout the day.

It is currently recommended that you exercise for 30 minutes at least five times a week in order to receive the healthy benefits of exercise. If you are having difficulty fitting a 30-minute block of time for exercise, you can divide up this time into two 15-minute blocks or three 10-minute blocks of time throughout the day. Studies have shown that you can receive the same heart healthy benefits of exercise – even if it is not a 30-minute consistent period of time. Additionally, there are many forms of exercise you can do that can lower your cholesterol, depending on your schedule. So if you're not into jogging, you can try other sports or forms of exercise, including cycling, swimming, and playing basketball.


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