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Everything You Need to Know About Lowering Your Cholesterol With Exercise

Studies Show a Positive Relationship Between Cholesterol and Exercise


Updated August 03, 2010

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If you are trying to lower your cholesterol, exercise may help. Studies have shown that exercise can lower your LDL cholesterol, as well as raise your HDL cholesterol.

Why Should You Exercise?

Exercise has a variety of useful benefits, such as strengthening our bodies and promoting weight loss. However, studies are finding that exercise also has a positive effect on heart health. Studies have shown that exercise can positively affect all aspects of your cholesterol profile, regardless of whether or not you are already taking medication to lower your cholesterol. How much exercise do you need to see this budge in your cholesterol levels? This article will tell you what you need to know about the benefits of exercise.

How Does Exercise Lower Your Cholesterol?

We know that it works, but the mechanism at play isn't exactly clear. Here are a few thoughts based on recent research.

How Much Exercise Should I Get Every Week?

Exercise has a variety of healthy benefits, but why don't a lot of people do more of it? We all lead such busy lifestyles, and sometimes, exercise can be neglected because it takes up time that could be devoted to work or other obligations. Exercise can help you to lower your cholesterol, <i>if</i> you allow for a sufficient amount of time each week. The good news is that the time you devote to exercise can be divided up into smaller blocks, if needed.

Which Exercises Are Best To Lower Cholesterol?

With so many types of exercises out there, you may be unsure about which are best for you if you want to improve your cholesterol profile. <i>Any</i> type of exercise can help to lower your cholesterol, though one may help to lower your cholesterol levels a little more than the others. Find out which, and how long you need to exercise to see the results on your cholesterol levels.

Tips On Beginning Your Own Cholesterol-Lowering Exercise Program

Despite these healthy benefits, beginning an exercise program – and sticking to it – can be a little difficult at first. However, following these helpful tips will help you to implement your own exercise routine and to stay on track.

Starting an Exercise Routine if You Have Heart Disease

Starting an exercise program is important -- regardless of whether or not you have underlying heart disease. If you have severe symptoms, or have recently had a heart attack or stroke, you should talk to your healthcare provider before exercising.

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