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A cholesterol test can be an important step in fighting heart disease. Despite its importance in heart health, a cholesterol test is very easy to do and, in some cases, can be done in the comfort of your own home. It may even save your life.

How Are LDL Levels Calculated?
There is more than one way to measure your LDL levels. This article will show you how your "bad" cholesterol is calculated.

Where Can I Obtain a Cholesterol Test?
There are many places you can go to get your cholesterol checked, ranging from your healthcare provider’s office to the comforts of your own home. In some cases, you can even have your cholesterol tested for free. Getting your cholesterol tested is an important step you can take towards preventing heart disease. In fact, the National Cholesterol Education Program recommends that anyone over the…

Have You Used a Home Cholesterol Test? Share Your Tips!
Home cholesterol tests are available on the shelf of your local pharmacy, and you may have actually purchased one to test your cholesterol. If so, have you found that it is accurate? Share your thoughts -- and tips -- on using a home cholesterol test.

Everything You Need to Know About Cholesterol Testing
Getting your cholesterol checked is an important part of preventing heart disease. Surprisingly, many people haven't gotten their cholesterol checked -- despite the fact that it is a relatively pain-free and easy medical test to have. Find out what you need to know about getting your cholesterol checked.

How To Prepare For A Cholesterol Test
Getting your cholesterol checked may be important, however, the preparation needed for your cholesterol test is also important. Here are some important tips to make sure that your next cholesterol test is an accurate one.

What To Expect When Getting Your Cholesterol Checked
Even though a cholesterol test is an important tool in the fight against heart disease, getting your cholesterol checked isn't as much of a hassle as you think. The test is quick and all it involves is just a little bit of blood.

How Often Should I Get My Cholesterol Tested?
Although there are recommendations that tell you how often you should get your cholesterol checked, the frequency at which you test your cholesterol will also depend on your age, your family history, and your initial cholesterol levels.

High Cholesterol In Children: Should Your Child Be Tested For High Cholesterol?
High cholesterol in children is becoming a disturbing trend. Some experts are now suggesting that, if your child is at risk of having high cholesterol, they should get tested.

Are Health Fair Cholesterol Tests Accurate?
Cholesterol tests may not be as accurate as getting your cholesterol tested in the doctor's office. However, the initial cholesterol screening provided at a health fair may provide you with insight into your risk of heart disease.

Tips For an Accurate Cholesterol Screening at a Health Fair
A cholesterol screening at a health fair is an important, inexpensive way to make sure that your cholesterol levels are not elevated. This article will tell you some helpful tips to have a successful cholesterol screening.

Home Cholesterol Tests - Who Needs Them?
Home cholesterol tests can give you some insight as to what your cholesterol levels are - especially if it is going to be a while until your next doctor's visit. But are they really worth the money?

The Scoop on Home Cholesterol Tests
Home cholesterol test kits have been available since the early 1990s and are quickly becoming popular in monitoring cholesterol levels. However, there are a few things to keep in mind so that your self-testing is accurate. This article will tell you how to avoid the mistakes others make when testing their cholesterol at home.

Which Home Cholesterol Tests Are The Most Accurate?
Not all home cholesterol tests are created equally. They all have the potential to be accurate, but only if they are used correctly. Find out what types of home cholesterol tests are available, and how to get an accurate result from them.

What Is The VAP Cholesterol Test?
While a traditional cholesterol test will offer you information about your good and bad cholesterol, a VAP cholesterol test may offer you more information about your lipids. This article will tell you all about it.

The Skin Cholesterol Test: A No-Needles Approach To Assessing Heart Disease Risk
A new cholesterol test detects cholesterol in the skin. PreMD has created a new skin cholesterol test, PREVUE POC, that promises to assess your risk of heart disease by testing levels of cholesterol in the skin. This new skin cholesterol test does not involve needles or fasting.

Five Things You Should Tell Your Doctor
Communication between you and your healthcare provider is very important in treating your cholesterol -- and your overall health. There are five things you should tell your doctor in order to optimally treat your cholesterol -- and anticipate any problems down the road.

Should I Fast Before I Have My Cholesterol Test?
You're always told to fast before your cholesterol test, but is this necessary? This article has the skinny on whether or not you really need to fast before your cholesterol test.

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