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Ways to Add Chicken to a Healthy Diet

Chicken Recipes for a Low Cholesterol Diet


Updated July 02, 2011

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Chicken is a useful staple food for a low-cholesterol diet because it is lean source of protein, low in saturated fat. Here are several quick and easy chicken recipes that you can try tonight.

Oven-Fried Chicken: All the taste of fried chicken, without the fat and calories.

Middle Eastern Chicken: This dish is full of exotic herbs and spices.

Chicken and Black Bean Soup: Enjoy a hearty meal for lunch or dinner.

Chicken Parmesan: A heart-healthy take on an old Italian favorite.

Low-Fat Chicken Caesar Salad: This is a great starter, or pair with soup for a meal unto itself.

Chicken Marsala: This healthy meal is perfect for guests.

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