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Turkey Tips for Your Low-Cholesterol Diet

Turkey Preparation Suggestions and Recipes


Updated April 29, 2011

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Turkey Tips


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Turkey can be a useful addition to your cholesterol-friendly diet, especially when served in place of high-fat cuts of meat. Turkey is low in carbohydrates, and has a low glycemic index. It is an excellent source of protein, and a good source of iron, selenium, vitamin B6, and heart-healthy niacin. Most cuts are low in saturated fat.

Turkey Breast

Skinless turkey breasts are the way to go for heart health. In order to get the best taste, buy turkey breasts skin-on and remove the skin after cooking to retain flavor and moisture.

Ground Turkey

When selecting ground turkey choose "extra lean" ground turkey breast.

Turkey Substitutions

Substitute extra lean ground turkey for ground beef in tacos, Italian dishes, burgers, chili and meatloaf.


As with all meats, aim to keep turkey servings to 3.5 ounces. Think of meats as a side dish rather than an entrée when possible, and fill your plate with vegetables and whole grains first.

Turkey Recipes

Try adding some of these delicious, cholesterol-friendly turkey dishes to your diet plan.

Low fat Ham and Turkey Wrap

Turkey and Green Bean Salad

White Turkey Chili

Turkey Meatloaf

Turkey and Lentil Soup

Turkey Chili

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