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Red Grapes

Dietitian Tips for Adding Red Grapes to Your Day


Updated May 29, 2012

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Red Grapes
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A tasty, refreshing snack, red grapes can also deliver a cardiovascular health benefit through an antioxidant nutrient called resveratrol. Are you looking to increase this nutritional powerhouse in your diet? Dee Ann Harwell, Registered Dietitian and president of Dynamic Dietetics, Inc. in Cleveland, TN, offers her tips for adding more grapes to your diet.

"Research suggests you don't have to drink wine to get the benefits of resveratrol," notes Harwell. "Grapes contain resveratrol in their skins. Just include more red and purple grapes, or even raisins, in your daily food choices."

At Breakfast:

  • Add raisins to oatmeal or cold cereal.
  • Enjoy a glass of red grape juice.

As a Snack:

  • Pack fresh grapes for a refreshing mid-day snack.
  • Try frozen grapes for an icy snack.
  • Add raisins to trail mixes.
  • Carry plain raisins for an energy boost.
  • Pair grapes with low-fat cheese.

In Your Meals:

  • Toss grape halves or raisins in fresh salads or in a coleslaw mix.
  • Add grapes or raisins on top of chicken, fish, or pork for flavor.
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