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Quick and Easy Recipes for Your Low Cholesterol Diet


Updated May 23, 2014

The most commonly encountered problem when following a cholesterol-lowering diet is not having enough time to prepare healthy meals. This often leads to buying fast foods and raiding the junk food aisle of the grocery stores in search for a quick fix. Many healthy meals can be prepared in minimal time. By trying some of these quick and easy meals on About.com's Low-Fat Cooking site, you can help keep your heart healthy and have time for the rest of your day.

Quick Breakfasts

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day. But if you're skipping breakfast or opting for high fat foods with little nutritional value because you don't have time to fix breakfast, you may find yourself hungry before its even lunchtime. These quick recipes can help you have a healthy breakfast:

Heart-Healthy Lunches

Whether you are looking for a satisfying meal or just a light bite to nosh on, plenty of healthy lunch recipes are out there to help accommodate you. Many of the meals listed below take little preparation time and can be refrigerated until you need a quick lunch. Even better, these lunches are low fat and cholesterol friendly.

Dinner Quick Fixes

Dinner is one of those meals that can either make or break your cholesterol-lowering efforts. It is sometimes skipped or even substituted for high-fat, fast foods when we are too tired from our busy day to prepare a healthy dinner. Fortunately, many quick and healthy recipes can yield delicious, low dinners without resorting to unhealthy alternatives.

Easy Desserts

Healthy desserts can help complement the end of any meal. While some desserts can be a little elaborate and cumbersome to prepare, many delicious desserts can be quick to prepare and cholesterol friendly, too. Try some of these delicious, low-fat desserts:
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