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1200 Calorie No Cook, Low-Cholesterol Meal Plan

A Quick and Easy Low-Cholesterol Meal Plan


Updated October 27, 2010

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This tasty low-cholesterol meal plan is more "assembling" than cooking and requires nothing more complicated than boiling (or microwaving) water for most meals! With 1200 calories, this low-cholesterol meal plan is a quick and easy way to start your diet.


1 cup coffee or tea with 2 ounces skim milk

1 serving Pumpkin Oatmeal

1 medium apple

2 small vegetarian sausage links, such as Morningstar Farms


1 part-skim cheese stick


Beverage: Your choice sugar-free beverage, 8oz.

1 slice whole wheat bread 80

1 tbsp light plant stenol spread, such as Benecol Light 47

1 serving Lowfat Chicken Caesar Salad (with store-bough rotisserie chicken)


1 serving Quinoa and Edamame Salad

1 serving Mediterranean Pita (use reduced fat feta cheese, and reduced sodium turkey)


Banana Berry Smoothie

Tip: These dishes can be made even more heart-healthy by using a non-salt substitute.

Nutrition Information Total For The Day: 1200 Calories, 660 Calories from Fat , Total Fat 31.5 g (sat 0.5g), Cholesterol 57.4 mg, Sodium 1341 mg, Carbohydrate 114g, Fiber 16.8 g, Protein 41.7g

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