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Low-Cholesterol Middle-Eastern Food Meal Plan

One Day of Delicious, Low-Cholesterol Middle-Eastern Meals on 1,600 Calories


Updated August 04, 2010

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If you have high cholesterol, Middle Eastern food, may seem off limits. Rich sauces and spices -- food that tasty can't be cholesterol diet friendly, right? Actually, among the cuisine's assortment of flavorful spices, yogurt and tahini (sesame) dips, and delicious rice dishes are plenty of options based on vegetables, beans, lean meats, and fish. Meat and fried dish options are those worth taking a pass on if you're concerned about cholesterol -- but based on how lip-smacking the other options are, we don't think you'll even miss them.

This menu provides a day's worth of "good" monounsaturated fat, high-fiber, and antioxidant-rich dishes.

It also provides 1,600 calories for the day. Remember that your dietary requirements may be higher or lower than 1,600 calories depending on your weight, age, and activity level.


1 cup coffee, with 2 ounces skim milk

1 serving (1/4 recipe) Egyptian Fava Beans


1 medium orange


Beverage: Your choice sugar-free beverage, 8oz.

1 Hummus and Veggie Melt (use whole wheat bread and only 2 slices of cheese)


Beverage: 1 cup (8oz) sugar-free iced tea

1 Fattoush Salad (1/2 recipe)

Lentils and Rice With Tomato Sauce (1/4 recipe) -- use brown rice, and whole wheat elbows


3 small dried figs

Tip: These dishes can be made even more heart healthy by using a non-salt substitute.

Nutrition Information Total For The Day: 1600 Calories, 395 Calories from Fat, Total Fat 44 g (sat 9.8g), Cholesterol 45 mg, Sodium 1,062 mg, Carbohydrate 253.5 g, Fiber 37.8 g, Protein 76.8 g

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