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Understanding Test Results

Once you have had your blood drawn for your cholesterol test, it will be sent to a laboratory for analysis. Your blood test results will have five numbers listed that will tell you how much cholesterol is in your bloodstream: HDL level, LDL level, VLDL level, triglyceride level, and total cholesterol level.

How Do You Convert Triglyceride Levels Between mmol/L and mg/dL?
Converting triglyceride levels between mmol/L to mg/dL is an easy calculation with a few simple steps.

How Do You Convert Between Cholesterol Measurements?
Converting between cholesterol measurements may seem difficult, but it only requires a simple calculation.

Interpreting Your Cholesterol Results
When you receive the laboratory results of your blood profile, you will see a profile for cholesterol. Under this category, you will see a series of numbers that will tell you what your cholesterol levels are and how much you are at risk for heart disease.

When Should I Suspect My Labs Are Wrong?
So, you've gotten your lipid panel back from your healthcare provider and it just doesn't look right. What should you do when you suspect that your labs are incorrect? This article will provide you with some insight as to what could cause your labs to be incorrect and what to do about it.

Diagnosed With High Cholesterol? What To Do Now
A diagnosis of high cholesterol can seem a bit of a shock...especially when you feel perfectly fine. The good news is that there are a lot of ways you can lower your cholesterol - ranging from making a few simple changes to your lifestyle to taking medications. In any case, lowering your cholesterol now can prevent complications down the road.

My Cholesterol Is Normal, So I Don't Have To Worry - Right?
Just because your cholesterol is OK now, it doesn't mean that you don't have to worry about it entirely. High cholesterol can occur at any age. Additionally, having other conditions - besides high cholesterol - could place you at risk of having heart disease.

How Important Is Your Total Cholesterol Measurement?
Your total cholesterol measurement is important, but so are the individual components that make it up.

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